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NISSAN Leaf Electric Car Australia – Telstra

Modern car buyers have a lot of options onoffer – from the colour to the onboard technology.

They also have a choice to make about howtheir car will affect the environment.

We offer a solution to driving needs of theAustralian consumer.

inclusive of the all new, one hundred percent electric zero tailpipe,zero emissions electric Leaf.

As the world's first mass produced, fullyelectric car, the Nissan Leaf began a new automotive era.

It's also the first electriccar in Australia with built in connectivity.

We're passionate about innovation.

innovationto us means.

simplifying complex technologies and making it simple for the business andfor the customer.

The Leaf's connectivity works through SIMcards built into every car that are managed by the Telstra wireless 'machine to machine'Control Centre.

The centre was a big differentiator.

The otherthing was (Nissan) wanted someone who owns the network, who knew the network and couldput technical people on the ground in the early development phases.

The Leaf's M2M connection is activated bythe car dealer at the time of purchase, giving the driver immediate access to Nissan's onlineCarwings portal.

CARWINGS gives you a lot more rich informationabout the car.

It enables you to do detailed navigationplanning you can actually upload from your desktop to CARWINGS, so you're ready for the navigation as soon as you enter the car.

Carwings also locates recharging stationsAnd through the Carwings smartphone app, Leaf drivers can remotely check battery statusand turn on heating and cooling.

So the driver connects with the car and the car connectswith Nissan itself.

We endeavor to provide innovative drivingsolutions through a suite of products; which resonates very well with the Australian public.

Fundamentally it's the management of the car.

We have a suite of applications that sit on top of that Nissan can directly connect theirsystems to our system.

So there's cost savings, there's time saving there's scalability withthe centre.

Our M2M network is critical for the relayof all the information about the car but particularly the battery that data is being sent for futureR&D work and that's creating better, lighter, smaller batteries for the future.

Nissan and Telstra worked together for 18months developing the Leaf's M2M solution, focussing on how Nissan could use the TelstraM2M Control Centre, both locally and to exchange information internationally.

Nissan wanted a dedicated, secure, redundantnetwork.

So a combination of a private Next IP network, a private Next G network and aninternational gateway to get the Nissan Leaf information to their partners in the USA andJapan.


Played a critical role in this.

Solution that.

brought down the cost of our development, so that was a real benefitfor us.

The Leaf is now the all-time best sellingfully electric vehicle and ideas for using its connectivity are constantly evolving.

For me its about making it cutting edge whichis what we did with Nissan in the first gen and we're doing it again in the second gen.

We've chosen Telstra as our strategic partnerfor this and that's built on all the reasons that we've done business with them in thepast.

At Nissan we've traditionally been a challengerbrand which means we need to work smarter and faster.

in the marketplace.

Workingwith companies such as Telstra.

allow us to reach our goals in the short term, mediumterm and long term.

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