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BMW M4 GTS v S 1000 RR Track Test

A couple of year’s ago, BMW did somethingreally clever.

They very sneakily hit the scene with a newperformance model, the fastest BMW road car ever built.

But, no one knew about it, because they didthis top secret model was developed under the cover of an official MotoGP safety car,taking it from racetrack to racetrack, improving Now the production model of that very carhas materialised.

This is the M4 GTS, and well, to keep thingsin context , we want to find out just how fast the real-life version is – not in frontof a MotoGP bike, but against a road-going version of one.

That bike is BMW’s 2017 S1000RR.

Now, these two machines belong on a racetrackand both sit at the top of their respective line-ups… We’ll get to the finer points of eitherin a moment… but first – it’s time for a good old fashion drag race… OK, so we know who is the comprehensive winnerthere.

But there’s more to this comparison thangoing fast in a straight line.

So what exactly were BMW testing during safetycar duties? Well, nestled in amongst all the bling here,among other items is a water injection system, which sprays a fine mist of distilled waterinto the intake manifold plenum chamber The water injection technology reduces thetemperature of the intake air allowing a higher turbo boost pressure and earlier spark timing.

The resulting 368kW of power and 600Nm timeenables a 0-100 time of 3.

8 seconds.

There’s also a full titanium exhaust system,and M coil-over suspension system with adjustable rebound and compression settings and sharpersteering.

It might have lost the stickers and sirensof the safety car, but make no mistake, the GTS is track focused.

The interior is striped out and fitted witha roll cage, there are no rear seats.

In some BMW circles, the GTS is quietly referredto as the widow maker… And I can see why.

Regular M4? You can just forget about it because thisthing is on another playing field altogether.

The power… Its quite similar from down low, but thenyou 5500rpm and the water injection system really comes to fruition.

WOW! This is a car that you need to learn.

Acutally, this is a car that you need to respect.

The way it accrues revs from middling revsout to the 7-6 limiter has to be felt to be believed… It is incredible… Coming onto the main straight here at theSydney Motorsport Park.

Wow! The feel of the M4 GTS is most rewarding.

Compared to the regular M4, everything feelssharper, and more response.

In fact, cultivate enough feel inside thecar and it soon starts to move around through the corners.

That’s when the fun really begins.

Into turn two, a double apex corner… Squirt the throttle and hoohoo!!!!!! The M4 is a car that bobs and fidgets.

It is hard-edged and, if we’re honest.

A little highly strung.

It is as close to a road-going racecar asyou get… And it demands respect… Next up, the S1000RR.

Fitted with a launch control function andpit lane speed limiter, this 146kW machine tips the scales at only 176kg dry… Now if I thought the M4 GTS was fast in a straight line lets try this on for size Holy Fark! [LOTS MORE BEEPING!] There's 260km's an hour Wow, that is fast, that is scary fast! Well that was immensely fast, this is crazy to say this I can’t believe how user-friendly it is.

There’s a really positive turn-in response,it sits poised through corners, and the electric parameters are so good, you can push the biketo a point and know that the safety net will figurately catch you.

Each machine has its benefits but as for whichis the most rewarding around a closed circuit? That title arguably rests with the M4 GTS… But in saying that, not everyone could livewith the M4’s hardcore bias… so on that front the S1000RR wins back crucial points.

There is one other little thing that I forgotto mention.

At $300k, the M4 GTS is roughly 10 times theprice of the humble S1000RR.

And with only 700 built globally and soldout before going on sale, you can’t exactly waltz into a dealership and put down yourorder.

So as for which is fastest out of the box,if you were to buy it today.

Well I think there’s only one choice.

Source: Youtube