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Roadkill vs. Mighty Car Mods! – Roadkill Ep. 60

– This time on Roadkill we've got a blown big blockChevy and our 69 Impala.

– And a Subaru WRX witha couple of friends.

– Good day!- Hey mate! – [David] Finally right, it's happening! – Let's go do some skids! – Special bonus episode of Roadkill with Mighty Car Mods.

(engine revving) (tires squealing) (intense music) (upbeat music) This is going to be a good one.

We are finally doing theepisode with Mighty Car Mods, which, if you'reunfamiliar with those guys, it's basically like theRoadkill of Australia.

And apparently there is all kinds of fans that cross over between them and us.

They've been demanding for years that we do an episode together,and we're finally doing it.

The way this is going to work is we're going to builda car for those guys, and they're going to build one for us.

We have no idea whatthe other team is doing.

And at the end, we'regoing to get together and have a whole lot of fun.

Now, the car that I chose is as American as I could possibly find.

A giant 1969 Chevy Impala road barge.

It currently has a 350small block Chevy in it and a turbo 350 transmission.

And it will not by thetime we're done with it.

We are going to loadthis thing with a blown big block Chevy that we tookout of the Crusher Camaro.

So these guys are going tohave six or 700 horsepower in the ultimate ill-handling road pillow.

And it is going to be a riot.

– Oh, it looks like an Impala.

That is an Impala.

He loves Impalas.

(engine revving) What year is this? – 69.

– It's an Impala custom.

– It's big.

– It's been customized by Mother Nature.

– Yeah, oh, it's going to be hilarious.

– This is cool.

– Here's kind of my theory.

Everyone outside the United States thinks of an American car as ill-handling, won't stop, and overpowered.

There you go.

(laughing) We're going to give it to 'em.

– They are right.

(laughing) (upbeat music) – The whole point isthat it sort of drives.

It rides great, handlesterrible, barely stops.

And it's going to have600 to 650 horsepower.

It should smoke one14-inch radial for like, you know, 17 blocks.

(sighs) – All right.

I like this car, it's got character.

We're here at WestechPerformance, our buddies where we do all of ourengine dyno testing.

And one might ask, Why aren't we doingthis indoors over there? Well, it's because theyare completely filled up, and had no room forus, so yeah, we're here in the parking lot in the rain.

It's not like it's our first time though.

It's only a small block Chevy, we should have it out in a few minutes.

(soft music) It's a pretty easy swap, but I'm sure we're going to run into some stuffthat's going to slow us down.

And we've got two days to do it.

– [Mike] Leaking somethin'.

– [David] It is leaking? – [Mike] Power steering fluid? – [David] Oh yeah, we justripped those hoses right apart.

– That was cool.


Our most clean engine swap yet.

Engine removal, rather.

– Have you not looked under the car? – [David] Still our most clean yet.

– [Both] Two, three.

(metal crashing) (chuckling) – That made it, sort of.

– That totally worked.

Never tried that before.

– It worked.

– That wasn't safe at all.

(chuckles) – We're not hurt.

Now the fun begins! Big block.

– [Mike] What if there's nothing in there? We never opened it, it's been three years.

– It's a pretty heavy nothing.

So, you fans willremember, that in 2014, 13 we went to the PRI show, andwe had the Crusher Camaro, and we removed a blown big block Chevy and installed an LS7.

This is the big block Chevy.

It went to Steve Schmidt Racing Engines.

They boxed it up for us and sent it home, and the box has not been opened since.

So this will kind of be likethe Arc of the Covenant.

(humming) – [David] Haven't seenthat guy in a while.

– [Mike] Hasn't gotten any lighter.

Good thing we took it off.

– Good thing we took it off.

(laughing) The Impala had power steering.

I'm going to cut the linesright here and just loop 'em, thereby turning it into manual steering.

Why? Because with the blowerdrive and everything, we don't want to messaround with trying to mount a power-steering pump to the big block.

(motor whirring) Those guys will just have tolive with manual steering.

In the interest of cheap, we didn't want to buy a whole bunch ofstuff to make this happen.

That's why I'm giving theseguys our old turbo 400, not our trick Gearstar transmission.

And I'm using this torque converter, which is completely wrongfor the application.

It's probably going to stall to the moon with this much power and that much weight and that lack of rear gear.

This is questionable at best.

You know, come to think of it, this is all my stuff.

This better not get blown up.

(gentle music) So the steering box here ishitting that header tube there.

So we are going to bash it.

(metal banging) Watch an episode of EngineMasters called the Header Bash, I think it's called, andwe absolutely destroyed a set of headers on thedyno way worse that that.

And it didn't make a bit ofdifference to horsepower.

– Severe lack of parts iscreating a roadblock for us.

There's not much left we can do other than put the transmission cross member in, which will not fit.

And the factory bracketsare welded to the frame.

We're going to have tobuild some new ones.

That'll require welding.

So we're going to push the carup to the driveway at Westech, roll their welder out,get an extension cord, and do a little fabricating.

But the FedEx guy will save us tomorrow.

– Runs good with a big block.

(upbeat music) (welder sparking) Okay, it's hideous, but it's on.

This thing's got to bedone by tomorrow night because Thursday we need to make our way down to San Diego for theShootout with Marty and Moog.

They have no idea what they'rein for with this thing.

In fact, I'm not really positivewhat they're in for either.

That torque converteris going to be a awful.

– [Mike] No, exhaust systemif going to be awful.

I could care less aboutthe torque converter.

(chuckling) – We can fix that.

We can put a couple mufflers on it.

– We could.

Will we?- But will we? (chuckles) – Something just occurred to me.

– What? – Wasn't Mad Max made in Australia? – Yeah.

Oh, look at the motivation.

– [Mike] How's that? – You're going to go there already.

– Oh dude.

– Ooh.

It's pretty good.

– [Mike] Oh, stand over here.

– Yeah? – This is good, this is really good.

(laughing) – That is so ridiculous.

(laughing) – You should never paint the car, it should always look like this.

– [David] That's hilarious.

– [Mike] You show up withthis at any car cruise, instant respect.

– [David] Yeah.

– This is like a T-bonesteak smothered in Corona.

– This is like a blue-haired guzzling a Budwiser is what this is.

– Leaded, not that light stuff.

(upbeat rock music) It's going nowhere, radiator's mounted.

Just cross that off the list, dude.

(laughing) I love this job.

I don't know if cutting aperfectly good frame rail just to bolt an alternator in place when there are brackets on the market that would relocate it upwhere you didn't have to do that is the peak of ourhackery here at Roadkill, but it's up there.

No, no, no, no.

Yeah, this in not going to work.


– Wow, that's just not going to happen.

You're going to have to takeout a giant chunk of that.

– [Mike] Right? Nobody needs to see this.

(laughing) – It's like 5:30, caralarms, desert race tracks, dyno testing, and us.

(engine revving) We're doing pretty well.

I think we still have somemajors like the driveshaft and, – Throttle linkage.

– The lower belt, throttlelinkage, alternator.

– We may be pulling awired activated throttle.

– Yeah.

But remember, we don'thave to be to San Diego 'til tomorrow night.

– The night time is really the right time.

– So the driveshaftwe've been waiting for, that we sent out yesterday, is too long to actually be installed.

Won't go in.

So, that ain't happening tonight.

We'll have to figure out howto get that fixed tomorrow.

(engine whirring) Okay, it runs.

– It runs.

(engine rattling) No water in it.

– No water, it does have fuel pressure.

But you know what that means? – It means there's hope for tomorrow.

– All right, we're goingto put this thing inside and get out of here,which is the responsible thing to do considering that we still have a full day's worth of work to do.

And those guys are goingto be here tomorrow.

Probably with some little import car designed to make fun of us that will do so because itprobably run and drive just fine.

But, it won't have a blown big block Chevy in it, is my guess.

I could be wrong, but Idon't think that's where those guys are going to go with this deal.

(chains rattling) Finnegan completely butchered the frame on this poor Impala to fit the alternator and then it wouldn't work.

And we didn't have time tofabricate a new bracket, so we're going to end uphitting the road with no charging system whatsoever.

'Cause we've got other stuff to get done.

Stuff that's going to keep us from hittin' the highway, like throttlelinkage, a driveshaft.

And the Mighty Car Mods' guysare already on the way over.

Should we tell 'em the steering wheel is held in place with zip ties? – [Mike] No, no, no, no.

– Nah.

(motor whirring) That's about the best tireinstallation I've ever done.

Apparently the guys from Mighty Car Mods have their car done, andthey want to head over.

And I'm like, "No, youcan't come here until "this thing runs and drives.

" So they could show up at any minute.

You just never know.

No fuel pump.

– Turn on the parking lights.

– Got it.

What's the fuel pressure? – Yes.

(engine revving) – We got to fix that.

I think it's good enoughto scare those guys.

– [Mike] This feels aboutnormal for Roadkill.

I feel like we're doneon time, for us anyway.

They'll be here any minute,and I'm laying under the car.

(engine revving) – Oh, dude.

– Is that a truck? (engine revving) – It's a WRX.

Check that out.

– [Mike] Oh, that's cool.

(laughing) That's way cool.

– [David] Not bad! – Hey, hey.

(laughing) – [Mike] Wow.

– You guys went all out.

– We stuck a big turbo out the bonnet.

– We stuck a big blowout, out the not-bonnet.

– Oh my God, is that for us? Oh my God, that's so good! – You guys went all out.

We thought you weregoing to half ass this.

– And then we made you guys a ute.

– I see that.

– We brought a little bit ofAustralia all the way to you.

– This is pretty good.

Is it cut, is it all wheel drive? – It is, and now it is a Subarute.

(upbeat music) – [David] The Mighty Modsguys brought us a Subaru WRX, and I have no idea how they found this thing for, like, three grand.

I guess it was really bashed, and that gave them the excuse to cut the backend off ofit and turn it into a ute.

And that turbo, it's just the stock one, but of course, theyhung it out of the hood because that's what you do, and they added Haltech EFI to it, tuned it up, and brought it overhere for us to destroy.

Now, this hasn't movedunder its own power yet.

(chuckling) – You said you wanted the quintessential giant American car.

– I think I said American pie.

– See, here's the thing.

All you guys think of American cars totally overpowered, right? – Yes.

– It looks nice.

– Here you go.

(laughing) We got neighborhood of700, 650 horsepower.

– Oh my God.

– And you've got bone-stock'69 Impala everywhere else.

– And we don't know if itdoes burnouts yet or not? – Oh, yes we do.

– Okay, good.

– Yeah, that's just intuitive.

– It's a really dumb question,but what kind of car is this? (laughing) – This is a 1969 Chevy Impala.

– Yes.

– The steering wheel is legitimately being held on with cable ties.

– Right.

– So don't pull it too hard? – No.

– Oh no, pull on it,it's not going anywhere.

– Man, we thought we were loose.

You guys are the next level.

(laughing) Seriously.

– This is so much betterthan anything I anticipated.

Those guys completelythrew me off the scent with their Instagram post.

They put a picture ofthem washing a Miata.

and we really thoughtthat's what they got for us.

And then that.

And they didn't evenknow what our car was, which is perfect, but we both have it all hanging out of the bonnet.

Them turbo, us blower.

This is going to be a lot of fun.

– [Mike] You guys want to hear it? – Yeah, yeah, of course.

– [Mike] Fire it up! – [David] Go ahead.

– [Mike] Go ahead? (engine roaring) (laughing) (engine revving) – That's what it sounds like when you have the whole motor attached.

– Well guys, that's incredible.

– [David] Everyone wantedto find out if the Impala would even make it around the block, so we all hopped in for a ride.

– Sounds amazing, guys.

Let me give you a high fivewhile we're still alive.

(laughing) (engine revving) (laughing) – Oh my God.

– Cul de sac, donuts.

Time to make them.

(engine revving) (laughing) – [Moog] It makes our car seem quiet.

– It's really not that bad.

– What? (engine revving) (clapping) – Approved? – Love it, approved.

It is insane.

– Approved, approved, and approved.

Well I haven't experiencedanything like that before.

I mean, I've been in somefast cars, but not ones that feel like they willliterally rip you in half once you put your foot down.

It was angry, aggressive, and beautiful – When he was doing some of those donuts, I thought, literally, wewere going to go like this.

Like that mirror was just going to, oh it is gone, we scraped the mirror off.

– Oh.

Feel the luxury.

– Feel it caress your butt.

– [Mike] Wait a minute.

– Now the air conditioning's down here.

The stereos here.

The electric windows are over here.

And to start it, all you got to do is, clutch has to be all the way down.

So push it down,otherwise, it won't start.

– This is weird.

I don't feel like I need ahazmat suit to ride in this one.

– Turn the key.

– Oh, look at the flapper.

That's it to start the motor? – [Moog] That's it.

– [Marty] It's running.

– Thank you.

– That's all you need to do.

– Is it on? We have seatbelts? – Do not hit that red buttonthere under any circumstances.

– Is that the red button that does the– – No, yeah, just don't touch.

(yells) Do not touch the button.

Don't touch the button.

– [Mike] Wow, this is likewhy these guys are famous.

– [David] They gotspeakers, that's the key.

– These cars are wretched man.

(laughing) Seriously, it's so gross.

– I believe the word is original.

(engine revving) – Scared the crap out of me mate.

– There's no seatbelts.

– [Mike] It rides really stiff.

– [David] It does? – [Mike] Maybe they're spoiled.

(engine revving) – Oh, it runs pretty good! – It's not bad.

(engine revving) (laughing) – All right! (cheering) (laughing) – Those guys in a WRX is the funniest thing I've possibly ever seen.

– Right.

(engine revving) – Look at the flapper exhaust.

– This is great.

– It actually looks good man, well done.

That's rad! – They did say, "Don'ttouch that red button.

" I'm dying to touch the red button.

What do you think it is? (engine revving) – Well, here we are man.

– Yeah.

– We're in California,the sun's going down.

We got some muscle, we gotsome Roadkill in a Rexy.

– Look at the size of that super charger.

I can't see the sky man.

– Is there sky beyond that? – Yeah.

(chuckles) – Oh, there is! (engine revving) – I feel the rumble throughthe backend of this car coming from that car.

– Look at that thing.

It's genius.

– I can't believe you candrive this on the road here.

– But can you? – We're doing it.

– We are.

– And those guys steppedup with this thing.

– They couldn't have done any better.

This is fantastic.

– You guys all good? – All good, how about you guys? – All good.

– It's loud, but it's good.

– What? (laughing) (engine revving) – This is so much fun.

– [David] It is.

– I now understand whypeople buy these cars.

– Oh yeah, these are fun.

(screaming) (laughing) – Seriously man.

It's crazy with this car.

– Yeah.

(engine revving) (intense music) – Hey there.

– How is it? – We absolutely love it.

And we just some Mighty Mods fans go past who gave us a high-five on the highway.

(laughing) – Loving it.

– And thank you for the mad snacks.

We've been diving into the Cheetos.

You will find some Australiansnacks in your glove box.

(upbeat music) That's good.

– Look what we got.

Caramela Koala.

Tim Tam.

– I'll try that too.

– The obligatory Vegemite.

– That's all you buddy.

– Wow, pretty good.

– I'm not sure I've ever driven a car with more power than this.

– How many kilowatts is that? – Like 400 and something.

At least.

– That's crazy.

– Yeah.

– This is an experience though, man.

This car in America.

– It's an experience.

For the rest of your life.

This is amazing.

– Yeah.

– These guys make you a car.

You drive it in America, the windows down.

The weather's beautiful, this is perfect.

– Yeah, man.

– Our steering wheel isheld on with cable ties.

– Yeah.

– Oh man, this is oneof the greatest things we've done in a long time.

The problem now is that it's running hot, it hasn't really pukedeverywhere and overheated Roadkill style, but wedon't want that to happen.

So we're going to takea little bit of a break.

Let it cool down, let the traffic go away, so we can motor on down to San Diego.

The real hijinx hasn'teven started and everybody is already having a killer time together.

And so after we stopto get some flashlights to tape onto the Impala for headlights, we decided to slip up theteams for a little while.

(engine revving) – [Marty] So this feelspretty normal for you, right? – Very.

(laughing) – This is so out ofanything I've done before.

(laughing) – Did it just die? – Yeah.

– He just did the math in his head, and this is going to beabout a seven-battery trip.

We get a battery every 12 miles.

Not good.

– But it sounds so goodfor those 12 miles.

– Um, so I guess we drop the other battery and leave the fan off and hit it.

See what we can do.

– Cool.

– The thing is, we knew thatwas going to be a problem.

But somehow we weredelusional that we could make it 100 miles on a battery.

That's not happening.

Oh wow, this seat's terrible.

– Yeah, it's really bad.

– How were you driving this garbage? – I don't know.

(engine revving) – Okay.

– Fuel pump? – That's strange.

– Man, this is real.

You guys don't fake this stuff.

– No, no we don't.

We're this bad.

– I'm quite enjoyingthe Roadkill experience.

One thing is for sure.

People are always talking, going, "Surely they set that up.

"Surely that car does not breakdown six times in 10 miles.

" It just happened tonight.

And it's for real.

– The ground wire on the fuelpump was super, super sketchy.

And now I'm making it sketchier.

But likely functional.

By taping it to a spot on the panhard rod that I ground bare.

And as Marty accuratelynoted, yes, the panhard has rubber bushings on it,but it did seem to work.

– I've noticed that theWRX is yet to breakdown.

– I couldn't help but notice that myself.

(gentle music) – Man this is not a bad way to make our way down the highway.

– No.

– Windows down.

Beautiful evening.

– Not a bad job.

– Rollin' in the Rexy.


(engine revving) (laughing) – So now you need to leave this here and we need to make it faster.

– [Marty] How's that? – [David] Fixed.

– [Marty] Great.

– So are you ready to goanother quarter-mile or so? – Let's do it.

I live my life quarter-mile at a time.

(motor roaring) (laughing) – [David] And the cloud of dirt rises.

All right, hangin' on? – [Marty] Yeah.

– [David] Let's do it.

(motor roaring) (chains rattling) We're down here at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California mostly because they've got a giantparking lot, and they're not afraid of tire-smoking burnouts.

So what? Drag race first? – Yeah.

– I reckon let's just, let's just do what everybody wants to see, which is two cars at one end.

First person over theline, no timing, no clocks.

– Yeah.

– No reaction time.

Good old fashioned street race.

First person over the line is the winner, and by winner, theperson who wasn't as slow as the other one.

– Okay, you're going to drive this? – Yeah, that's it.

– Which one of you guys, roshambo? – Let's do it, so winner drives.

– Sure, winner gets to choose.

– Winner gets to choose.

Okay are you ready, and One-two-three.

I'm drivin'.

– You're going to like it.

Finnegan's just goingstraight to the driver's seat, 'cause that's what he does.

– Okay, that' who's driving.

– I like driving.

– All right, let's do it.

So, we're going to do thisdrag race Australian style, and that means from thebridge to the dunny.

The dunny is what we call an outhouse, but because this is Roadkill, of course, there's one final thing thatwe need to do to this car.

– What? Wait.

– Make sure it doesn't overheat? – To get it Roadkill ready.

– [David] Okay, Roadkill.

– [Mike] That'll fit in your trunk.

– [Marty] Perfect.

– Are we faster now, or slower now? – And remember to turn the headlights on, so that the fuel pump works.

– [Mike] Got it.

We got fuel.

You just need to turn the key.

– I'll show you guyshow to race, all right? Show you how we do it in Australia.

– [Mike] Okay.

– It's hard to arguewith them when they've got our 600-something horsepowercar, and we have this.

We have traction though, they don't.

(motor roaring) – Yes! – All right, ready? Three, two, one, go! (engines revving) (yelling drowned out bye engines) – Oh! – Off we go! – Oh my God! – I can't decide whetherI'm happy we won– – I was going to say the same thing! – Or bummed out that our car lost.

– That was intense.

(engine revving) – [Moog] We didn't quiteunderstand the launching procedure.

You need to confirm the kill.

– Oh, I see.

– [Moog] If you actually wonthat, you got to confirm it.

– Well that was a battle of traction, and we either won or lostdepending on how you look at it.

We ended up having toswap cars because hey, it's only fair, buthonestly, where's the fun in hooking up with all wheel drive when you can smoke thetire for like 300 yards.

Do you want to see anAustralia-shaming burnout or attempt to win? – We're not winning, so do the burnout.

– Attempt the Australia-shaming burnout? – I assume they know howto drive one of those 'cause they've driven thembefore, so yeah, do that.

– Don't do it, don't do it.

– [Moog] War paint! – Ah no! – [Moog] War paint! – Oh no.

– Oh, they're going inthe vegemite over there! – We got this.

Are you ready? – [David] Yeah.

– [Moog] Alright, you good? Here we go.

And three, two, go.

(engines revving) – Easy, easy, easy.

(laughing) – [David] Man, I triedto just walk into it.

– [Moog] Amazing, amazing.

It wasn't going to happen.

So good.

– [Marty] That thing wakes the dead.

That's so real.

– That one wheel spinning's incredible.

– Only one of you may be autocrossing.

We're running short on rubber.

– Oh yeah, it's just toastingthe one tire every time, isn't it? – [David And Mike] Yeah.

– [David] Well, that's plenty of tire.

– So what's next, autocross, which is what we call motorkhana.

So basically we havethis track set up here.

– Right.

– And are we both onthere at the same time or is it timed or what's the deal? – Well, I want to watch.

(intense music) Now we're going to hit the autocross, and I think this is theplayground of Mighty Car Mods.

They should dominate at this.

We need to make themdo what we have do do, which is, we show up at a track.

We're out of time.

We have to make one lap, that's our time.

We're done.

We don't get to pre-run it.

– [Mike] No warm up.

– Oh really? – [David] Yeah.

– That sounds really safe.

– Cold motor, bald tires,no brakes, have fun.

– Yep.

– I did the drags.

It's all you, man.

– Alright, cool.

Let's do it.

Maybe you guys should go first.

– [David] Oh no.

– Each team is going todrive each car one time.

No prep, no warm up, no skill.

I like our chances.

– [Moog] The fuel pump is in.

Accelerator is to the ground.

Accelerator is back.

Accelerator is half.

– [Marty] Crank it up.

(engine revving) – Oh my Lord! Sorry? – Need me to navigateor just close my eyes? – Yeah, navigate.

– Alright.

– [Mike] Ready? Three, two, one.

(engine revving) (laughing) – Brakes.

– [Moog] Which way.

– That way.

Straight, go straight.


Left around the pole.

Left around the pole.

Straight ahead.

– [Moog] Straight? – Yeah, straight that way.

Ha ha! – Left? – Around there, around the pole! Whoa! Left.


Yes! Whoa! Now we're going to go right! – [Moog] What? – Right here.

(engine revving) Whoa! That's a dunny! Left.

No, that way! Around, slalom left, around, then left.


Whoa! Left.

Oh my God.

Right! Whoa! (laughing) Ah! Left around the pole.

Yeah! – [Moog] I can't believe we're doing this.

I can't believe it.

We're going to kill 'em.

– Stop, stop, stop, stop.

– Alrighty! – Dude, that was.

That was fun! – Thank you, mate.

– [David] And how was it? – Amazing! – [Moog] That was awesome.

– Oh my God.

– [Moog] Oh my Lord.

– [Marty] Dude, that was a good steer.

– Fantastic.

I love this car! This is so great this.

And just wiggling on it is awesome! Ah! – [David] It looked good.

– Unbelievable guys.

– Are you guys going to seeif you can better our time? – [David] Yes.

– That was, uh, hold on.

– Oh yeah, how did wego, sorry, that time.

– You did great.

One 19 point eight seconds.

– Okay, cool.

– With a spin out.

Nice recovery.

– Thank you very much.

– Good flair.

– [Marty] Good style points.

– So you guys are now takingthis car and going to try and beat one 19.

– [David] That's right.

– [Moog] Good luck with that! – Okay.

Blunt force trauma, begin.

– You good? Good, okay, you're ready? And three, two, go! (engine revving) – [Dave And Mike] Whoa! – I like it.

– Whoa.

It does burble a little bit.

Oh! Nice work! – See that, they'retrying to grip, unlike us.

– 30 seconds and they're morethan halfway, aren't they? – This is scary! Those are concrete.

Here we go! Yeah! Yeah! – [Moog] Will it stop? (laughing) – Victory! Yeah! America! – [Moog] That was pretty good.

– [Marty] Well done.

– [David] What was it? – [Moog] Man, that was incredible.

– How was the tire smoke? – Alright, so the time for these guys doing the same lap thatwe just did in one 19 they've done it in one oh two.

– Yes! – Wow, smashed it.

– America! – Smashed it! – You're driving was incredible.

I saw you getting aracing line, slowing down for the corners, liketrying to grip it up.

– Everything I learnedfrom Mighty Car Mods all came to me in amoment when I was driving.

– So now we do the same challenge.

We swap into our supersally, the Subarute, the WRX ute and we dothe same thing again.

– Yep.

– Let's do this.

– Let me get this out of the way.

– [Mike] This car is so much fun.

– Before we start, Ijust want to remind you.

This is what we do.

– I know, man.

– This is actually our thing.

– I'm going to try really hard.

– It's one thing to go,let's explore our brains and be nice with the Americans.

This is what we do,crappy car, little tracks.

– [Marty] Right hand on the gears.

– I was going to say the samething, but I didn't want to.

(laughing) – [Mike] Alright.

Three, two, one.

(engine revving) – Oh yeah.

Great launch, man.

Great launch.

(loud thudding) Holy, what was that? – I don't know? – Yeah man, on thebrakes, around the corner.

Every day of the week, hop in, hop in.

This time go around thispole, around this pole.

Yep, and down there.

That's it.

All the way down.

Yeah man, yeah! Outside of the pole and down to the loo.

That's it.

Oh, a little bit of understeer.

Back around this one.

Back around this one.

Back around this one.

Around the outside andall the way back, man, just punch it, punch it, punch it! All the way down, man.

Yes! – [David] Braking early and.

– [Moog] Yes! – [David] How much quickeris this than our run in the Impala? Just throw out a number? – Umm, 15 seconds.

– That was 40 seconds.

– That was 46.

– Oh.

– Oh.

– It was faster than that? – [David] It's faster, but not much– – 58, not much.

– Not much at all, wow.

– I'm shocked! I genuinely, wow.

– That was a lot of fun.

You're going to enjoy that.

– Oh, I saw.

Did you bottom out over here? – Yes we did.

(speaking over each other) Danger to the manifold.

We heard that sound under our feet.

(laughing) Alright, you guys are up.

– [David] We're up! – So we'll get the timer ready.

Okay, so we have justdone on run in the WRX.

My compatriot Marty heregot a 58 second lap.

– Which is only just a little bit quicker than what they got in the Impala.

– But it is still thefastest lap of the day.

And now it is up to the Roadkillboys to beat 58 seconds, and I hope you realizeif you beat 58 seconds, you'll have the fastest time of the day.

– That's true.

– [Moog] So it's, there's alittle bit of pressure on it and a couple of differentnations right now that are hanging off every single second, so you ready to do this? – [Marty] It's a 58 secondpenalty if you blow the gearbox.

– Oh, thanks.

– [Moog] And three, two, one! – Alright.

Keep going, keep going,keep going, keep going.

Left turn, left turn.



Left turn, hard left.

There you go.

There you go, gas, gas, gas.

Hard right, hard right.

Gas, gas, gas.

Keep going, gas, gas, gas.


Left turn.

Keep going, keep going, keep going.

Hard left.

– Oh, understeer brakes.

Off to where, where? – Right.


Left, left, left, right,right, right, right, right.

Left, hard left, hard left.

Go, go, go, go, finish line! – Here! (Mike screams) (laughing) – [Moog] And the car's stopped at 56.


– [Marty] No way, it's not stopped.

Now it's stopped.

– [David] Wait, that was the first stop.

– [Marty] Where werethe brakes in that one? – Alright, so did you turnthem off with the red switch or something? – [Moog] When you stoppeddown there, you stopped at 57 seconds.

– [David] Okay.

– [Moog] So whether you could'vegot back here in a second or not, I don't know.

– This is where, youknow, we're going to have to have the tiebreaker event.

("William Tell Overture") So there's the crossover episode that fans of both of these shows havebeen waiting for like two years.

Who won? Who cares? (engine revving) The Mighty Mods guys wanted to make sure that we had two episodeson this whole debacle.

If you want to seetheir side of the story, go check out the MightyCar Mods channel Youtube.

I think it's pretty obvious that all of us just wanted to get togetherand have some laughs, and man, was it a good time.

As a matter of fact, we had so much fun, I'm hoping we can makeit down to Australia and do this again with Marty and Moog.

("William Tell Overture") (engine revving) (Moog and Marty yelling) – [Moog] They're on the rim! They're on the rim! – Look, the whole tire came off.

– [Marty] Came completely off! (laughing) (Moog yelling) – [Marty] Ah yes.

– [Mike] What the hell? – [Moog] Guys, lay it on me.

– That was cool, man.

– Actually, let's group it up.

Bring it in, bring it in.

Roadkill and Mighty Car Mod.

– It's still on, the hubcap's still on! – [Moog] What a fitting end.

Well done, fellas, that was awesome.

(laughing) – Nice way to end the day.

– It's still around.

– The whole tire came off! (laughs) – It just popped completely off.

– Our fan's not very happy either.

We wanted you to have asouvenir of your trip.

– Yeah.

– There it is.

– I can't think of abetter way to end the show.

That was so much fun.

– That was amazing, of course.

Roadkill, thank you so much for having us.

– Oh, of course.

– That was amazing.

Now are you guys coming to Australia? – Yeah, absolutely! – Are we going to make this aregular thing every year or two? – It depends on those people right there.

You think they'll make it happen? – They're absolutelygoing to make it happen.

– Yeah? – Let's do this.

If you guys want to seeRoadkill and Mighty Car Mods kicking it again, letus know in the comments.

I'm sure you will.

(laughing) – The every reliable Subaru.

– It may not make as many skids, but it still works.

(tranquil music) – [David] Wow, that was easy.

Okay, are you ready with the wheel chalk? – Ah? – [David] Nope.

(laughing) – [Mike] That hurt.

– I forgot about that part.

– You call this a dipstick.

Something not really liking about it.

– It smells like it's beenin a barn for a long time or a paddock.

– Smells like a barn has been in this is what it smells like.

– Probably the best thingthat's happened so far for me is when we walkedinto this auto store here and the attendant seesthe Roadkill guys walk in.

– Yeah.

– Then he sees theMighty Mods guys walk in, and he's just, eh, eh, eh.

And I think he just says, you're asleep.

It's a dream.


Source: Youtube