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RALLYTHEWORLD: Rally Australia – The Big Car Quiz feat. Seb Ogier, JML and Andreas Mikkelsen

Here I have four vehicles that I will show you and imitate, and there are the three drivers of the Volkswagen team.

I think this is easy; it is a Formula 1.

Yes, it is really impressive! An imitation to perfection.

This is not the Polo.

This is not the Polo.

I do not think either that this is a rally car.

In your opinion, what was it? This is not the Citro├źn, this is not the Polo either.

? For me it is a Lamborghini.

Yes, I also think it's quite that.

I agree, it's a Lamborghini.

A Lamborghini? It was indeed a Lamborghini! In my view, this is the sound of an engine type "Boxer".

And valves work perfectly! Hey, it could be the fireball that had been in Finland, the Audi? Ah, you might be right, it could be that, indeed, it is true, the sound really like the Audi, you're right.

But it's more like a racing car group N? I think it is a Subaru M12.

M12? – M12? Yes, it's a Subaru.

Okay, it is indeed a Subaru.

Great ! You did that perfectly! There is our car.

Volkswagen? Yes.

– Volkswagen Polo.

Volkswagen! The Volkswagen Polo.

Thank you gentlemen.

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