How To Transfercar (Australia) = HOW TO GET A FREE RENTAL CAR

Want to take a road trip, but your dollar doesn't stretch far enough? Every week, hundreds of cars and motor-homes are driven into the busiest rental drop-offs, and every week they are hurdled onto crammed trucks and trains, and taken back home.

This costs the rental companies money, and makes the vehicles sad.

Now you can release them back into their natural habitat: The open road.

Across the globe Transfercar matches hundreds of stranded rental vehicles with drivers, couples, and families looking for a road trip.

You save the rental companies the transportation cost, they save you the price of renting a car or a motor-home.

In many cases rental companies even pay for fuel and insurance too.

Think it's too good to be true? Have you seen our feedback? Join us now at Transfercar and come find your road trip.

Source: Youtube