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Norbe Goes Australia – Buying A Car (EP6)

The day I buy a car has finally come.

Actually two cars.

One of them is a BMW compact, 318ti as standard.

Nicely equipped, full m-tech body kit.

Not sure what I'll do with it, might just sell it later on and buy a 325 or 328 instead, turn it to a drift car.

Local Aussies laugh at BMW's and say they're impossible to drive, so we'll show them it's possible.

And the second one.

As it should be – a Nissan Skyline.

I thought one car wasn't enough trouble in Australia, so Mantas and I bought this one together.

This is a first JDM for me, so let's leave the BMW aside for a while, because this one's more interesting right now, I know nothing about it.

I already found out it doesn't open that easily.

There's a technique to it.

You roll down the window, and then you open the door.

How long did you work on this technique? Honestly – an hour or two, I even texted you I couldn't get in.

Furthermore, when you need to fill up the tank, it's not so easy opening the lid.

The tank is locked, no keys required.

Follow me to the trunk, opening it may also take a while.

I've heard Skyline's get stolen here often, so there's probably a need for extra security.

Hold on.

It should unlock.

Not liking this anymore.

We had it open before.

There's a wire in the trunk, that holds the fuel lid.

You detach it ready to fill it up.

So that's the fuel tank system.

It's nice you don't have to unlock any doors when you want to go somewhere, just open the window and get in.

Now for the interesting part, driving.

Safety first.

This is still a little illegal, since the car isn't registered.

But we have try it.

Turbo's running, the engine's misfiring.

Not sure how anything here works, I'll have to figure it out.

Spitting at 3500rpm.

Black smoke, is this a diesel? Most importantly – it's a Skyline R33.

It's pleasant to drive, but the misfiring sucks.

The handbrake's working, which is great.

Burnouts are only possible with one wheel right now.

We'll see where this car ends, it needs some work before it's usable.

Might even be a daily? It actually is registered, just the registration got suspended.

The previous owner got pulled over by the police and the car wasn't technically sound.

We'll try to sort it out and have it on the road.

Maybe even today.

We're here.

I don't know what to do.

It's a piece of scrap.

I could still make a profit on it.

That's why I'm not worried.

I actually forgot about the main thing – the engine.

Tough to say if it's good or not.

It doesn't go that well.

Imported from Japan.

Has an aftermarket radiator.

The intake pipe looks good.

Has a big IC hooked up.

Let's get working, but for now the compact runs much better.

Source: Youtube