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Australia’s Trusted Interstate Car Carrying Transport Expert | SMB Australia Cheap Car Transport

I am Andrew, Welcome to SMB Australia CarTransport.

We have been established since 1963, we are a small personalised family business, smallenough to do the individual car movements and large enough to move your bulk vehicles.

We service everything from the Mornington Peninsula up as far as Cairns and everythingin between.

We service a wide variety of clients from prestige dealers to family, public right throughthe range.

Car carrying is a specialised industry.

Our drivers have been with us for more than 10years at a time.

So they know every vehicle is different and how to treat every car carefully.

What keeps clients coming back to us is our service, we treat every single customer asif it was one of our cars.

Customer service means everything, basically without customers you don't have work.

Soyou try and do your very best to make them happy.

They're like my friends, I turn up, thereis a drink waiting for me or a coffee and we just stand around and have a chat.

They can contact us directly and find outwhere the vehicle is, we can tell them where their car is at any given time.

We try to treat our customers correctly, so the person who has a Ferrari to move getsthe same care as the person who has a Mini minor to move If we can help you in any of your car movementsanywhere from Cairns to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria give us a ring on 1300 362 085.

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24 Hour Self Service Car Washing in Australia | 澳洲的24小时自助洗车

OK, today we have to come to this place it is here The buffet car wash in Australia It is long like this Today, over car wash This is Australia's 24-hour self-service car wash Then I prefer to use the car wash this reason it is because First, it is cheaper He is a coin-operated Then you are yourself car wash Because there It's open 24 hours Look here 24 hours Eco Wash So while now Already at 10.

18 Then the lights in here or Now it has come to this I was washing shed here Then he is like configuration Basically a small space Then you wash your own like this This line is 360 ° turn And then his side There are many function washing The word is that he give a layer of soap It is this thing Then I did not feel particularly useful It is to give him the kind of first spray some water First wet wet Then the words, I think this is the most useful These two are a must This word is to take that large brush Then the bubble is to give him It will come out a lot of foam And this is a good Although you throw money into He is 3 minutes 2 dollars, 1 dollar is one and a half But after you hit the bubble You can slowly painted This is necessary, which is flush There is money to throw into the future Be sure to press the button he will have that feature Each brush is because he has several functions If you do not press the button, then he does not know which function you want to use That he would immediately put my money into a countdown begins Then press the button to begin Here there is also a brush This brush is flush That is a lot of pressure Then there is this a brush This brush is a bubble You bet he will be out a lot of bubbles Well, this is my white Now it is still very dirty look Everyone to look at how dirty Because before I just got back from China Gone about two months or so 2 months did not wash But also went out to play once before So the car is actually very dirty Here a little better lighting Wash it, clean and a lot ah Australia buffet car wash is no drying function He let it dry naturally.

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How to tackle steep terrain | 4WD Advice

Continuing our series of instructional videosfor four wheel drivers, today we’ll look at how best to tackle steep terrain.

Steep climbs or descents can be a challengefor any off roader, but some golden rules apply to help you get uphill or down safely,and with greater confidence.

Steep climbs and descents can be a challengeto any off roader, but some golden rules will help you get uphill or down safely and withmore confidence.

Of course, this advice is general in nature.

We’d recommend seeking professional trainingwith a four wheel drive club, or a training organisation, just like we have.

Before driving up or down a steep hill, it’simportant to inspect the terrain carefully.

Look for loose surface hazards, such as rocks,and be aware of the placement of ruts and tree routes.

Try and determine the smoothest path possible.

It can be difficult to access your cargo areashould you become stuck halfway up or down a steep hill, so it’s a good idea to keepyou recovery gear close to hand.

Consider fitting your D shackles and recoverystrap before setting off.

Climbing or descending a steep grade is allabout traction and momentum, so be sure to set your tyre pressures according to the terrain.

Your owner’s manual will provide more detail.

When it comes to steep hills, slow and steadywins the race.

We recommend selecting a low range four wheeldrive, and depending on the grade, first or second gear, and remember to keep a steadythrottle.

If fitted, you may also consider using yourdifferential lock.

Gear selection is equally important when headingdownhill.

Let your engine do the braking for you, asheavy brake application can result in an uncontrolled slide.

[Winston] There will be times you want to use thebrakes still, but the engine and the gearing will be doing most of the work for you.

It will slow the car right up, and as you’recoming over those really steep sections, yes, touch the brakes a little bit, if you feelyourself losing a little bit of traction, then release the brakes, and you’ll findthat all of a sudden your steering comes back into play again.

[Nadine] And remember, never drive across steepruts or attack a hill at an angle as this could result in a nasty role over.

If you can’t see where you’re going, havea friend help you over two-way radio or with clear visual instructions.

And if you get stuck, remember to set thepark brake, select park, and chock the wheels to prevent your vehicle from rolling away.

And if travelling in convoy, make sure youleave plenty of distance between yourself and the car in front.

There are no guarantees when off-roading,and a lot of variables, but preparation will always work in your favour.

Remember, take your time and assess each situationthoroughly, and you’ll get to your destination safely and more relaxed.

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