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24 Hour Self Service Car Washing in Australia | 澳洲的24小时自助洗车

OK, today we have to come to this place it is here The buffet car wash in Australia It is long like this Today, over car wash This is Australia's 24-hour self-service car wash Then I prefer to use the car wash this reason it is because First, it is cheaper He is a coin-operated Then you are yourself car wash Because there It's open 24 hours Look here 24 hours Eco Wash So while now Already at 10.

18 Then the lights in here or Now it has come to this I was washing shed here Then he is like configuration Basically a small space Then you wash your own like this This line is 360 ° turn And then his side There are many function washing The word is that he give a layer of soap It is this thing Then I did not feel particularly useful It is to give him the kind of first spray some water First wet wet Then the words, I think this is the most useful These two are a must This word is to take that large brush Then the bubble is to give him It will come out a lot of foam And this is a good Although you throw money into He is 3 minutes 2 dollars, 1 dollar is one and a half But after you hit the bubble You can slowly painted This is necessary, which is flush There is money to throw into the future Be sure to press the button he will have that feature Each brush is because he has several functions If you do not press the button, then he does not know which function you want to use That he would immediately put my money into a countdown begins Then press the button to begin Here there is also a brush This brush is flush That is a lot of pressure Then there is this a brush This brush is a bubble You bet he will be out a lot of bubbles Well, this is my white Now it is still very dirty look Everyone to look at how dirty Because before I just got back from China Gone about two months or so 2 months did not wash But also went out to play once before So the car is actually very dirty Here a little better lighting Wash it, clean and a lot ah Australia buffet car wash is no drying function He let it dry naturally.

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