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2013 Australia’s Best Cars – Best Medium Car over $50k – BMW 320i – test and review

BMW has always positioned itself as a carfor the driver and it was in the 'on road performance' area that the 320i had the edgeon the other contenders.

Its overall balanced handling, albeit witha slightly firmer ride than some of the others, through the wide ranges of driving conditionsthat had the 320i with its rear drive, up with the best in class.

The quality of materials and finish is worldclass and, although it is priced competitively.

The 320i's frugal 6.

0 L/100km fuel consumptionis again best in class but it also manages to pull off the real hard trick which is alsoto be up the front of the pack on engine performance.

Safety is, of course, as you might expectfrom a German manufacturer.

Some people will buy a BMW for the badge andbragging rights but with the 320i the space, power, handling and fuel economy will winthem over in its own right.

So, as this year's Medium size car over $50,000winner, the 320i has continued what is becoming a tradition of being best of the best.

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2013 Australia’s Best Cars – Best Light Car – Renault Clio Expression TCe120 – test and review

The surprising 1.

2 litre Clio Expression TCe120earned the Clio the first place, impressing judges with a combination of performance,standard features and value for money, beating some big brands in the process.

Inside you will find great interaction withthe Clio Expression's features via an easy to navigate 18cm (7 inch) touch screen display,mounted within easy reach.

The on-road attributes are where the Clioreally shines, however, with surprising flexibility and performance from the willing 1.

2 litreengine and 6 speed automatic transmission.

Handling, poise and ride from a vehicle inthis price range was a notable stand out, with the Clio feeling very much at home inall driving conditions.

The Renault Clio Expression Tce120 was anunexpected but deserved winner this year and should be one to keep on the shopping listif you are looking for something a little more individualised in the light vehicle category.

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RALLYTHEWORLD: Rally Australia – The Big Car Quiz feat. Seb Ogier, JML and Andreas Mikkelsen

Here I have four vehicles that I will show you and imitate, and there are the three drivers of the Volkswagen team.

I think this is easy; it is a Formula 1.

Yes, it is really impressive! An imitation to perfection.

This is not the Polo.

This is not the Polo.

I do not think either that this is a rally car.

In your opinion, what was it? This is not the Citro├źn, this is not the Polo either.

? For me it is a Lamborghini.

Yes, I also think it's quite that.

I agree, it's a Lamborghini.

A Lamborghini? It was indeed a Lamborghini! In my view, this is the sound of an engine type "Boxer".

And valves work perfectly! Hey, it could be the fireball that had been in Finland, the Audi? Ah, you might be right, it could be that, indeed, it is true, the sound really like the Audi, you're right.

But it's more like a racing car group N? I think it is a Subaru M12.

M12? – M12? Yes, it's a Subaru.

Okay, it is indeed a Subaru.

Great ! You did that perfectly! There is our car.

Volkswagen? Yes.

– Volkswagen Polo.

Volkswagen! The Volkswagen Polo.

Thank you gentlemen.

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NISSAN Leaf Electric Car Australia – Telstra

Modern car buyers have a lot of options onoffer – from the colour to the onboard technology.

They also have a choice to make about howtheir car will affect the environment.

We offer a solution to driving needs of theAustralian consumer.

inclusive of the all new, one hundred percent electric zero tailpipe,zero emissions electric Leaf.

As the world's first mass produced, fullyelectric car, the Nissan Leaf began a new automotive era.

It's also the first electriccar in Australia with built in connectivity.

We're passionate about innovation.

innovationto us means.

simplifying complex technologies and making it simple for the business andfor the customer.

The Leaf's connectivity works through SIMcards built into every car that are managed by the Telstra wireless 'machine to machine'Control Centre.

The centre was a big differentiator.

The otherthing was (Nissan) wanted someone who owns the network, who knew the network and couldput technical people on the ground in the early development phases.

The Leaf's M2M connection is activated bythe car dealer at the time of purchase, giving the driver immediate access to Nissan's onlineCarwings portal.

CARWINGS gives you a lot more rich informationabout the car.

It enables you to do detailed navigationplanning you can actually upload from your desktop to CARWINGS, so you're ready for the navigation as soon as you enter the car.

Carwings also locates recharging stationsAnd through the Carwings smartphone app, Leaf drivers can remotely check battery statusand turn on heating and cooling.

So the driver connects with the car and the car connectswith Nissan itself.

We endeavor to provide innovative drivingsolutions through a suite of products; which resonates very well with the Australian public.

Fundamentally it's the management of the car.

We have a suite of applications that sit on top of that Nissan can directly connect theirsystems to our system.

So there's cost savings, there's time saving there's scalability withthe centre.

Our M2M network is critical for the relayof all the information about the car but particularly the battery that data is being sent for futureR&D work and that's creating better, lighter, smaller batteries for the future.

Nissan and Telstra worked together for 18months developing the Leaf's M2M solution, focussing on how Nissan could use the TelstraM2M Control Centre, both locally and to exchange information internationally.

Nissan wanted a dedicated, secure, redundantnetwork.

So a combination of a private Next IP network, a private Next G network and aninternational gateway to get the Nissan Leaf information to their partners in the USA andJapan.


Played a critical role in this.

Solution that.

brought down the cost of our development, so that was a real benefitfor us.

The Leaf is now the all-time best sellingfully electric vehicle and ideas for using its connectivity are constantly evolving.

For me its about making it cutting edge whichis what we did with Nissan in the first gen and we're doing it again in the second gen.

We've chosen Telstra as our strategic partnerfor this and that's built on all the reasons that we've done business with them in thepast.

At Nissan we've traditionally been a challengerbrand which means we need to work smarter and faster.

in the marketplace.

Workingwith companies such as Telstra.

allow us to reach our goals in the short term, mediumterm and long term.

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How To Transfercar (Australia) = HOW TO GET A FREE RENTAL CAR

Want to take a road trip, but your dollar doesn't stretch far enough? Every week, hundreds of cars and motor-homes are driven into the busiest rental drop-offs, and every week they are hurdled onto crammed trucks and trains, and taken back home.

This costs the rental companies money, and makes the vehicles sad.

Now you can release them back into their natural habitat: The open road.

Across the globe Transfercar matches hundreds of stranded rental vehicles with drivers, couples, and families looking for a road trip.

You save the rental companies the transportation cost, they save you the price of renting a car or a motor-home.

In many cases rental companies even pay for fuel and insurance too.

Think it's too good to be true? Have you seen our feedback? Join us now at Transfercar and come find your road trip.

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Australia’s Best Cars 2014 – Best Micro Car – Mitsubishi Mirage ES

The winner of Australia's Best Cars in 2014 we have a new category micro cars – and the winner is the Mitsubishi Mirage.

The mostimportant thing in this category is the entry-level pricing so this isone of the lowest price cars on the market and it has very low operating costs andmaintenance costs the competition that's in the Australian market these days you can't ignore all of the other design factors of the car so its got to be practical and easy to use This is a city car got a 1.

2 litreengine with a five-speed manual gearbox butthat doesn't mean its sort of dull in its performance on the road.

The modern engines perform quite well.

This car is class leading in fuel economy, it's below 5 litres per 100 kms Any of these budget price cars are obviously aiming at the first car buyer, colour is important as is phone connectivity.

Some of the cars in this category are pretty tight in the back and you'd only have children in them I can sit in the back of this car so its a four seater and its got practical load space even thought its a light car car class, it still has to have the stability control which is a requirement for ANCAP, it stillhave the curtain airbags.

One of the very best things about the MitsubishiMirage it is the only 5 star ANCAP car we have in the top 3 this year.

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Australia’s Best Cars 2014 – Best Sports Car Under $50,000 – Volkswagen Golf GTI

The winner of Australia's Best Cars for 2014 in the category of Sports Cars under $50,000 the Volkswagen Golf GTI when you get inside this car has such afeel-good factor in the way it holds you in the seat the way the instruments are laid out, like any good sports car you snuggle into this car, you've got a beautiful steering wheel, white on black dials.

It's a lovely car to sit behind the wheel of.

It's entertaining you from behind the wheel everything fromthe tartan seats to the golf ball gear stick knob.

Anybody who loves to drive a motor car can get a lot of entertainment out of driving the Golf GTI anybody who's got the money will enjoythis car.

The Golf GTI has a 2 litre petrol engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

Thereally good thing about this car is it brings that performance and that drive line together in a nicelyintegrated package.

Traditionally we've loved manual gearboxes.

Today's quick shifting dsg gear boxes that youcan also get in this car have taken it to another level.

They can shift faster than you can push a clutch and move a manual gear lever.

The Golf obviously is still a four door car so its very practical but that takes nothing away from its sporting credentials.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is avery integrated performance package it brings everything together in a nicelyblended drivers car.

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Australia’s Best Cars 2014 – Best Sports Car $50,000-$100,000 – Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG

The winner of Australia's Best Cars 2014 in the category of Sports Car between $50,000-$100,000 was Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG.

The Mercedes was a completepackages.

It had very strong performance on road, it was well set up for track work aswell it's got Brenbo brakes, its got Ricaro seats, it really was a complete sports car.

It's a good every day car aswell.

It just was a complete package.

Under the bonnet of the A 45 AMG is a 4 cylinder, 2 litre turbocharged petrol engine.

It's Australia's most powerful turbo engine in the market at the moment.

Transmission is aseven-speed automatic gearbox paddle shifts as well.

It's a very explosivetype of performance but also quite useable as well.

It'sbeautifully finished in the typical Mercedes-Benz way, being a sports car it does have thatsporting flavour on the inside.

There's no doubt about the intensions with his car It's got that big wing on the back, very low profile tyres, its got a stance which says it means business.

It's hugely excitingto drive Revved to well over 7000RPM and when you do change gears it lets off an enormous crack out of the exhaust.

There was a lot of debate between the judges on whether this car or its very close competitors should win.

Did have those few extra features thatjust push it above the others and got it through to the win this year.

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Australia’s Best Cars 2014 – Best Medium Car under $50,000 – Skoda Octavia 103TSI Ambition Plus

The winner of Australia's Best Cars 2014 MediumCategory under $50,000 is the Skoda Octavia 103 TSI Ambition Plus.

The Skoda Octavia enjoyeda refresh last year.

Now you'll find 103Kw 103 TSI engine in front of a 7 speed DSG oran optional 6 speed manual transmission.

Skoda are claiming 5.

2 litres per 100 km which isimpressive.

The driving appeal of the Skoda Octavia is apparent in the first few kilometres.

The interior is purposeful, ergonomically is very good without being over fussy.

At firstglance the Octavia appears like a regular sedan but when you look closely you'll seethat the boot is attached to the rear windscreen and its really a liftback with 560 litresof luggage room.

The Skoda Octavia could easily fulfill a family's requirements – there'splenty of room inside and those who have previously owned large segmented vehicles may startedlooking at the medium segment to fulfill their transport needs.

Its a good result for Skodathis year – more than simply clever.

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Australia’s Best Cars 2014 – Best Medium Car over $50,000 – Mercedes-Benz C Class C200

The winner of 2014's Australia's Best Cars Medium Sized Car over $50,000 is the Mercedes C200.

This is a car thatproves that you can have luxury at an affordableprice.

This new C200 is the car we've all been wanting to drive and the best thing about it is it didn't disappoint.

It's a stylish qualitycar that carries loads of safety gear that you might expect to find in a car $100,000 more It's smooth performance comes from a twolitre turbo engine and seven-speed transmission.

A car that can give you performance when you need it but the amazing thing is it runs on only sixlitres per 100 kilometers The fuel economy is surprising given thatyou've got a relatively large car with plenty ofspace inside.

You sit behind the wheel of this car and you're surrounded byunderstated luxury.

When you're driving there little road roar, no wind sound and it is as though you are in an S Class.

Mercedes have managed to get that feel inside a C200.

The boot space is not surprisingly large for back-seatpassengers who often neglected the back seats are really comfortable, there's plenty of leg room they can drive as comfortably as you are in the front It gives motorists accessibility, at thesame time they're getting exclusivity.

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