eVe – Genesis of the ‘normal’ solar car

This is the first time that Sunswift has entered the Cruiser class as opposed to the Challenge class.

So the Challenge class is reallyjust about getting from A to B as quickly as possible, whereas the Cruiser class awards entrants for things such as how many passengers you've taken, how many, the load you took,how many charges did it take you?   It awards you for things which make the car more practical.

We thought this was really important to do because we've spent a lot of time in previousyears building racing cars, but what we really want to see is these sorts of technologies being applied to the sort of car that you can drive on a day to day basis.

  It's much larger, it has four wheels, two doors, two seats in contrast to the previous car that had three wheels, no doors, one seat.

However that being said, a lot of the internal components are the same.

  So same hub motors, we've just got two of them this time.

 Same batteries, we've just got more of them.

  Same solar cells, just more, they're updated, they're like the newest model, higher efficiency.

 The car's coming along well.

  We're quite happy that we haven't broken anything yet, that's a good start.

It's quite responsive, fairly comfortable.

 The brakes are good,steering is tight.

Fine adjustments and teething problems to iron out but that's cool.

It's really pulled everyone to their limitsand we haven't even hit the road yet so doing a project like this takes up all of your spare time and cuts into the time you don't even have to give away, but it is immensely rewarding.

Source: Youtube

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